Here is a list of useful documents to download

Statement by Supplier
This is the form you use when you don’t have an ABN. You submit this with your invoice so that tax is not withheld from your payment. Here is the document link ATO Statement By Supplier. For further explanation see the Reason for not quoting ABN at the ATO website.

Artist Statement
This document will explain what an artist statement is and how to write one. Here is the document link Artist Statement How To:

Artist CV
An artists CV is an outline of your artistic career. It should include contact information and chronologically list your training and your artistic achievements, that is your exhibitions, published writing, recordings, performances or projects. Your CV should be kept up to date with new listings being added into the document as required. You may also include other headings for professional experience, community activities, awards and media references. Here is a link to the CV How-To

Pitching Your Songs 
If you are a musician you might find these handy hints useful. Here is the document link Pitching Your Songs

Projects, How To

If you want to go over the basics of putting a project together, this is a great overview document.  There might be some things in here that you have forgotten about, or some points you haven’t considered before. Here is the link Projects How-To