How to take care of your tattoo?

You are very happy that you have got the tattoo on your body that you wanted from a very long time. You are excited to show it to your friends and family because it is very special for you. With all happiness and show off you need to take very good care of your tattoo because it is a complete medical procedure. You have got a tattoo because the ink is inserted under your skin, your skin was opened to inject in it. So every time you think of doing something about your tattoo, think about the precautions that you must follow so your tattoo can look more beautiful and your health stays the same. Ink is used for the tattoo is injected under the skin so you can do anything before your skin heals and you would not hurt you anymore. You have to follow some important instructions for taking good care of your tattoo. Here is some common things that you should keep in your mind after getting a new tattoo, let’s start:

Tattoo of a back in disposable gloves

Follow your artist’s advice
If your artist, who is working for one of the best tattoo shops in Melbourne, asked you to remove bandage you can remove that but if he did not tell you to do so, You should leave it on for minimum 1 hour. Don’t keep your bandage on more than 5 hours it can be harmful to your skin.

Wash your tattoo carefully
After taking your bandage off from your tattoo, you should wash your tattoo with hot/ Lukewarm water. You can use a soap with no scent, Mild liquid soap to wash your tattoo. Don’t hurry, wash it carefully and gently.

Apply moisturizing cream
Use fragrance-free cream or lotion. Apply a very thin layer of cream/lotion on your tattoo. You can apply any cream or lotion but if your artist has recommended you and go for that. After applying the cream you can cover your tattoo or keep it open to the air. Usually, artists ask for washing and cream application 5 times a day.

Keep it clean and dry
Getting a tattoo can’t be easy but taking its care is not that difficult. Keep your tattoo clean and dry. You can take a normal shower but don’t take a bath. Cover your tattoo with gauze if your clothes are rubbing on your tattoo.

Avoid direct sunlight
Sun rays can affect your tattoo appearance or colour because it is new. Stop going out in direct sunlight. If it is important to go out cover your tattoo very well, so the sun can not burn your tattoo. You can use sun block or sun cream to avoid direct light on your tattoo.
Let it heal, be patient with healing time

Approximately 2 weeks are suggested for the healing process. You should follow all the instructions of your artist for a better tattoo look and beautiful presentation of tattoo colour. Healing depends on the size of the tattoo also. Don’t use any other creams for your skin. Only use artist suggested cream and pay special attention to your aftercare of tattoo.

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